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M R CRANE SERVICE These cranes are available with us in various specifications and types, from where clients can choose as per their requirements. We also provide assistance for erection, loading & unloading of Boilers, Chimney, Cranes, Crane Rental Service, Hydraulic Crane, Loading / Unloading Services, Mounted Hydraulic Cranes Renting, Container Cranes Renting, Hydraulic Cranes On Rent, Hydra Cranes Rental Services, Mobile Cranes Hiring Services, and other Machinery. We support clients as a prestigious Service Provider, and Erection Contractor in this domain. These services are assured to be flawless as we employ best talents available in the industry, who are professionally trained to handle all types of conditions. Make - Model Capacity M Tonnes Boom + Fly Jib Length, LIEBHERR LTM 1400 400 Ton 50 Mtr Boom +4+47 Mtr Fly Jib+ 84 Mtr Luffing, KRUPP KMK 6180 180 Ton 60 Mtr Boom 20 Mtr Fly Jib, 130 Ton 60 Mtr Latic Boom, DEMAG AC 120 120 Ton 60 Mtr+17 Mtr FiyJib, KRUPP 70 GMT 70 Ton 38 Mtr Boom+13 Mtr Fly Jib, GROVE GMK 3055 70 Ton 43 Mtr Boom+17 Mtr, P & H 435 LATIC BOOM 40 Ton 27 Mtr Boom, DEMAG HC 100 40 Ton 34 Mtr Boom + 9 Mtr Fly Jib, P & H 7200 20 Ton 31 Mtr Boom + 9 Mtr Fly Jib, CRAWLER CRANE P & H 320 20 Ton 18 Mtr Boom, CRAWLER CRANE P& H 5045 45 Ton 49 Mtr Boom, ESCORTS F 15 14 Ton 16 Mtr Boom, HYDRA ESCORTS HY 14-3 Nos
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