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M R CRANE SERVICE have different types of cranes for your services to lift and transfer your products to various places. we have been able to offer Crane Rentals These services are availed by various industries for different applications. Heavy duty machinery loading, unloading & shifting. Capacity : 92 meters. Lifting of any type of job upto 200 Tons. All above work can be done manually also. Manpower & Resources, CARNES group have setup of required skilled manpower along with various allied equipments to do lifting, shifting and erections of heavy jobs through manually. Generally, utilization of these crane are lifting and shifting of heavy machineries, plants, structures etc. with in factory premises or from factory to transport vehicle, plant erections, shed trusses erection, road / bridge constructions, lifting of tanks, chillers or other equipments / things upto the height of 92 meters. Services offered by us are brought into application in industries such as Food & Beverages, Electronics, Highways, Metro Projects, Thermal Plants, Cement Plants, Gas Plants, Fertilizer Plants, Refineries, Road & Bridge constructions, Tyre Industries. These Services are offered at reasonable prices and are highly efficient because of the latest and sophisticated machines, cranes on rent, Backhoe Loaders, DG Sets & other Construction Equipment available with us. We are supplying various types of equipment which are used a different kind of industries. We provide all types of crane service Post
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